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[Notice] Handbag class begins

leather handbag

Hello, this is Philosophy Doi.

Have you been taking on any new challenges lately?

Is there anyone who is itching to start something?

Philosophy will be a new initiative in 2024.

[Handbag class]


It's not just a leather class

[Class for making authentic handbags]

A handbag as a product, not a handmade leather craft

Quality handbags that can be sold at department stores

Don't you think it would be wonderful if you could make it with your own hands?

Handbag class MAISON Philosophii

Starting in April 2024

The location is [Philosophy Fukuoka Main Store] in Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City.

I can hear people from all over the world saying it's too far away to go.

The leather class was also the reason I started making leather products.

Going back to this origin, I would like to share the fun and technology of manufacturing with everyone.

Handbag class briefing session

Instagram LIVE will be broadcast from 2024.1.12 20:00!

Please watch it 😉