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[New product] Handy wallet “Opera” 12 new colors will be released on February 9th

Handy wallet “Opera” new release

This mini wallet was previously sold as an L-shaped zipper handy wallet (commonly known as a 2.5-fold wallet), but it will be available in a wide variety of colors under the name "Opera".

Since its release, it has been very popular among people looking for a small wallet.

This time, 12 new colors (8 Taurillon Clemence and 4 Prism colors) will be available in the online shop.

"Taurillon Clemence"

Handy wallet 《Opera》Taurillon Clemence color variations
Handy wallet "Opera" Taurillon Clemence silver hardware

Blue pale/Tiffany blue/violet/black (silver metal fittings)

Handy wallet 《Opera》Taurillon Clemence color variations
Handy wallet "Opera" Taurillon Clemence gold hardware

Pink beige/Yellow/Rose Jaipur/Etoup (gold hardware)

《Prism Leather》

Handy Wallet "Opera" Prism Leather Color Variations
Handy Wallet《Opera》Prism Leather

Aurora Silver (Silver metal fittings)

Aurora Yellow/Aurora Pink/Aurora Rose (gold hardware)

Please see the product page for product details.

-Handy wallet《Opera》Taurillon Clemence 1

-Handy wallet 《Opera》Taurillon Clemence 2

-Handy wallet "Opera" Prism

Features of handy wallet “Opera”

Handy wallet “Opera” interior specifications

Compact storage of banknotes without folding them

Since the paper money is folded by sliding it in between, there will be no creases on the paper money. This wallet is perfect for those who want to make their wallet smaller but don't want to fold bills in half or in half!

The coin purse opens in an L shape for easy use.

Small wallets have small coin purses that can be difficult to put in and take out, but Opera's zipper opens in an L-shape, making the opening large and making it easy to put in and take out coins.

Convenient with back card pocket

In addition to 5 cards in the inside card pocket, there is also a pocket on the back that can hold 1 card. It is convenient to store frequently used cards such as IC cards.

Handy wallet "Opera" back card pocket