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Minimum wallet 《Maurice 2.5》 Makuake pre-release!

The greedy minimum wallet "Maurice 2.5" that does not compromise on both smallness and ease of use is completed!

Minimum Wallet Morris 2.5

A small wallet that you can use intuitively from the moment you open the box!

Easy to use both cashless and cash payment. Say goodbye to your old lifestyle.

Pre-sale will be on Makuake from 11:30 on October 30, 2023 .

List price: 12,870 yen (tax and shipping included)

Up to 33% OFF with early bird discount!

Check it out on Makuake >>

We will notify you on the LINE official account just before the release so you don't miss out on the early bird discount.

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maurice 2.5 image

We have created the ideal wallet that solves all your problems with small wallets. Why small wallets are difficult to use

We will solve these problems all at once!

Maurice 2.5 usage image

①Smallness of tri-fold wallet + ease of use of bi-fold wallet

"Maurice 2.5" is a new type of wallet that combines the smallness of a trifold wallet with the ease of use of a bifold wallet.

I took the number between 3-fold and 2-fold and gave it a number of [2.5].

This is a small wallet that solves all the reasons why small wallets are difficult to use.

Once you use it, you won't be able to go back to your past lifestyle.

②Small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand

A wallet is something you use every day.

In addition to pursuing functionality, we also focused on creating a product that feels comfortable when you hold it in your hands.

The Morris 2.5 is an easy-to-hold size that fits between the base of the thumb and the knuckles when held in the hand.

The wallet body is made from a single piece of seamless leather, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit without snagging.

This is a wallet that you will want to pick up again and again.

Morris 2.5 exterior photo

③Lightweight 45 grams

The wallet does not compromise on functionality and has a streamlined design, weighing just 45 grams despite being an all-leather wallet.

A typical smartphone weighs around 200 grams, so it's about one-fourth to one-fifth of the weight.

lightweight 45g

④No need to fold banknotes

Small wallets can be stressful because you often have to fold the bills or the bills you take out tend to get sticky .

No need to fold banknotes

``Morris 2.5'' uses a unique mechanism that prevents folds and bends from forming on bills.

To store bills, slide them from the side under the card pocket and bill clasp.

There is no need to worry about the bills becoming bent and difficult to use when you take them out.

This allows you to pay at the cash register smoothly.

⑤ Extremely space-saving card pocket

You can store about 5 cards in the central pocket.

By storing each card individually without dividing them, we have created a lightweight and compact wallet.

At first, it may feel a little hard to insert and remove cards, but as the leather gets used to it and becomes softer, it becomes even easier to use.

The card pocket is installed from the top so you don't have to worry about your cards falling out when you close the wallet.

Space-saving card pocket

⑥ Coin pocket with sufficient capacity

Many small wallets have minimal coin pockets, which can make it difficult to put in a lot of change or cause the wallet to lose its shape.

``Morris 2.5'' is thin and has a coin pocket with sufficient capacity.

There is no gusset in order to make the wallet thin, but the L-shaped zipper opens wide to the sides, making it easy to see and take out coins.

Even if you have more coins, you can store them without losing their shape.

Coin pocket with sufficient capacity

⑦Convenient back pocket

There is a card pocket on the back of the main unit.

This pocket can be used without opening the wallet itself, so it is convenient to store one IC card or credit card.

Convenient back pocket

⑧Smart payment style

With cashless payment, all you have to do is hold the card in your back pocket over the reader.

If you want to use the cards and coins stored inside, you can access the card pocket and coin pocket as soon as you open the hook, so you don't have to open your wallet.

Open your wallet only when taking out bills.

The design allows payments to be made with the minimum number of steps required, depending on the payment method.

smart payment style

⑨Durable zipper

The zipper uses YKK's "Excera®️".

The slider slides smoothly and can be opened and closed with light force, making it stress -free.

It is also highly durable, and the probability of failures such as the metal fittings not closing is extremely low.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we can repair or replace parts.

durable zipper

⑩Does not expand even after filling

Although it is made to be thin and compact, we have provided a suitable amount of space during the design stage, so the wallet will not become flat and lose its shape even when storing bills, cards, and coins.

It can hold 10 bills, 6 cards, and 15 coins.

Wallet storage amount

wallet that doesn't bulge

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Italian leather that allows you to enjoy the texture of leather

We want you to enjoy using your leather wallet for a long time, so we chose Italian leather that can age well.

italian leather image

Manufactured using traditional Italian tanning, the leather surface has a unique uneven feel expressed by fine scratches. Available in 4 colors.

italian leather image

It has a matte texture when you first use it, but it becomes glossy as you use it. It is a leather whose texture and color can be enjoyed as it ages.

italian leather image

The leather has been scratched, so even if it gets scratched, it won't be noticeable, making it easy to incorporate into your daily life. It contains just the right amount of oil, so when you pick it up, you'll get a nice leather scent.

“Tailoring” that custom-made leather craftsmen are particular about

Since our custom-made atelier Philosophii was founded in 2013, we have created over 10,000 custom-made leather products. As a leather workshop specializing in made-to-order products, we have honed our techniques to realize our customers' preferences.

As a custom-made leather craftsman who makes each item one by one, we pay close attention to every detail.

Careful stitching allows you to feel the warmth of handmade products

For mass-produced products, thin threads are generally used for efficiency reasons, but this results in a flat look with no three-dimensional effect.

At Philosophii, we use a slightly thicker 8th thread and machine stitch it with a diagonal rhombus needle to create a three-dimensional, hand-stitched look.

stitch image

Smooth usability with floor surface treatment

When making a single piece of leather without lining, the floor surface (the back side of the leather) is visible, so all parts are treated with floor surface treatment to prevent fuzz.

By putting some effort into it, you will not only have a more luxurious look, but you will also be able to smoothly insert and remove bills and cards.

Since we use a floor treatment agent containing wax, it is smooth to the touch, durable, and can be used for a long time without fuzzing.

floor treatment

“Decorative linen” that creates a sense of luxury

The edges (cross sections of the leather) of all parts are polished to prevent fuzzing.

To finish the edges, use a heated trowel to add "decoration pads".

The decorative linen increases the durability of the edge and at the same time gives the product a three-dimensional and firm impression.

Careful edge processing

Rest assured that repairs can be done

If you need to repair a broken zipper or hook, or a frayed thread while using the wallet, the craftsman who made the wallet will take care of the repairs.

Since we manufacture our products in-house, we can respond quickly without the hassle of sending the wallet entrusted to us by our customers to a manufacturing factory.

<Option> Personalize with name engraving

Our in-house leather craftsmen who specialize in custom-made items make each piece one by one, so customization is a breeze.

You can make your own original wallet by engraving your name on it.

Name engraving option

You can engrave your name on the return price of the wallet for an additional 1,650 yen (tax included).

Engraved location: Lower center of back card pocket

Available characters: Roman letters (uppercase and lowercase), period, space

Number of characters: 12 characters or less, 1 line only

If you would like to have your return engraved, please choose a return with your name engraved.

Perfect as a gift

Delivered in a gift box

Each wallet will be delivered individually in a box, so it can be given as a gift.

Why not gift a personalized wallet with a name engraved to someone who always takes care of you?


Size: Width 9.5cm x Height 7.0cm x Thickness 2cm

Weight: 45g

Inside card pocket (stores 5 cards)

Back card pocket (stores 1 card)

coin purse with zipper

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black color size image

black color front

black color back

black color interior


Cobalt size image

cobalt color front

Cobalt color back

cobalt color interior


chocolate size image

chocolate color front

chocolate color back

chocolate color interior


Cognac size image

cognac color front

Cognac color back

cognac color interior

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Custom-made atelier Philosophii

Custom-made atelier Philosophii is a leather workshop located in Fukuoka, founded in 2013.

We specialize in custom-made products and have produced a wide variety of wallets, handbags, and leather accessories.

This time, we're taking on Makuake because we want more people to have access to custom-made quality leather products!

Philosophy operates with a staff of 10 people.

As the leather industry continues to age, Philosophy employs leather craftsmen in their 20s and 30s.

In order to revitalize the leather industry, we hope to inherit the traditional techniques of craftsmen and deliver high-quality leather products to as many people as possible.

Production process

Production process

Production process

Delivered freshly made directly from the atelier!

Since general products go through wholesalers and retailers from production to delivery to customers, they are sold at prices that include various intermediate costs while keeping materials and labor costs low.

Philosophy handles all material procurement, manufacturing, sales, and shipping in-house, so we can eliminate unnecessary costs and achieve (1) good materials, (2) appropriate labor costs, and (3) affordable prices. .

Distribution flow

We also respond quickly to repairs!

There is no need to use a middleman for repairs, so if you send it to our atelier in Fukuoka, we can repair it and return it to you within a few days.

The craftsman who made the wallet also handles repairs, so you can leave it to us with confidence .

There's no need to take it to a repair shop and find out that the finished product is different from what you imagined.

You can see the production background!

In modern times, the supply chain from the production of raw materials to the delivery of products to customers has become more complex and diverse, and in most cases, the production background cannot be seen from the consumer's perspective.

Price competition has become fiercer, and with the emphasis on lowering production costs, the harsh environment both domestically and internationally has become a problem and has even made headlines.

On the other hand, if a product is expensive, it may not necessarily be made with an appropriate production background, making it difficult for consumers to judge whether the product is ethical or not.

Philosophy has an atelier in Fukuoka, and trains young leather craftsmen and produces leather products in-house.

We openly share our daily activities on Instagram. If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us directly on LINE.

The leather we handle at Philosophy is mainly made from domestic and European leather. Leather is a sustainable material that meets the environmental standards of each country.

Once customers know about our production background, they can use our products with confidence .

We would be happy if you could help us with our first challenge!

Check it out on Makuake >>

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