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I will explain how to wrap a cashmere scarf vol.2 [Regular size edition]

While it's getting colder and colder outside, it's getting hotter inside commercial facilities. . . That's also true.

Regular size is easy to carry around in such situations.

Here we will introduce 6 ways to wrap the [regular size].

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The regular size gives a cleaner impression than the large size.

This is recommended for those who like smart styling.

The warmth, softness and feel of the skin are excellent, just like the large one.

It's a size that makes ``compact and warm!'' come true.

Even though the wrapping method is the same, the large size and regular size have different volume when rolled.

Please browse by size according to your preference.

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[6 ways to wrap]

1. Pitti roll

2. New York Maki

3. Windy roll

4. Cross winding

5. Pot roll

6. Volume winding

Click here to learn how to wrap each!

Please compare the video and the explanation and try winding it ^^

[Pitti roll]

① Put the scarf around your neck and make the left side longer.
② Wrap the long side around the left side. At this time, roll it a little loosely so that it is not painful.
③Pull out the right side a little from inside the loop at the neck.
④ Put your hand in the pulled out part and make a loop.
⑤ Pass the left muffler through the loop.
⑥Check the balance, adjust it, and you're done!

Here is the recommended way to wrap the video model (familiar from Instagram Live...^^)!

It has a sense of volume and gives presence to a simple style.

[New York roll]

① Wrap the muffler all the way around your neck. At this time, make one side a little longer.
② Tie it loosely.
③ Just pull the edges and adjust the shape and you're done!

An easy way to wrap it by just going around it and tying it once.

It is simple, but has an elegant and stylish atmosphere.

[Windy roll]

① Fold the length of the scarf in half and hang it around your neck, making a loop on one side.
② Pass only one wire on the bottom of the muffler on the opposite side through the loop.
③ Twist that loop so that it faces outward to make another loop.
④ Insert the remaining end of the muffler into the newly created ring.
⑤ Pull both ends down to adjust the shape and complete.

Wrap it tightly to cover your neck.

Recommended on windy days when you want to keep your muffler wrapped without damaging it.

[Cross winding]

① First, tie a knot in the center of the muffler. Don't make it too hard, just fluffy.
② Bring the knot to the position where it touches your throat and wrap it around the muffler.
③ Spread the knot to make it easier to pass it inside.
④ Pass both ends of the muffler through the knot. The image is to cross both ends in a knot.
⑤ Adjust the shape and you're done!

How to wrap it in a cute candy-like shape.

With a little effort, you can create a style that stands out from the crowd.

[Pot roll]

① Wrap the muffler loosely around it. Make sure both ends are the same length when finished rolling.
② Pull the loop formed in front of the neck a little and twist it to make a loop.
③ Pass the end of the muffler through the loop from above.
④After passing it through, gently pull the end down.
⑤ Pass the other end through the loop in the same way and pull it down lightly.
⑥ Adjust the balance to your liking and you're done!

A way to wrap it that gives it just the right amount of volume but still feels refreshing.

The neck area is wrapped tightly in cashmere to protect you from the cold.

[Volume roll]

① First, put the muffler around your neck. At this time, make one side longer.
② Hold the longer end.
③ Wrap it all around your neck.
④Cross both ends. At this time, make sure that the short end is on top.
⑤ Insert the long crossed ends into the loop at the neck from above.
⑥Pull out the end of the inserted muffler from below and adjust the balance to complete.

A way to wrap it that provides top-level warmth with plenty of volume around the neck.

It has a casual presence and adds contrast to your outfit.

If you wear a warm and soft cashmere scarf around your neck in your favorite way,

You should be able to stay comfortable and feel good even in the upcoming cold season!

Please refer to it ^^

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