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Wallet special for January 1st - vol.2 [Long wallet edition]

January 1st, 2024 is a lucky day where it is said that if you start using your wallet from this day, your financial luck will improve!

(Please check [Compact Edition] to find out why January 1st is a lucky day ^^)

It is said that buying a new wallet in the new year, called the ``Spring Wallet'', is a good omen, but if you have the opportunity to buy a new ``Spring Wallet''

You want to start using it from the day when you can improve your financial luck as much as possible.

Philosophii staff are also warming up their newly acquired wallets without using them yet, aiming for the financial luck update on January 1st .

Would you like to get a new wallet for January 1st?

Items currently in stock can be shipped immediately, so we can ensure delivery within the year ^^

In Vol.1, we introduced compact wallets,

This time we will introduce three recommended types of long wallets!

Please use this as a reference when choosing a wallet along with the compact version! !

(Check out the compact wallet version here!)

(*Limited items and gift items are limited in number.)

◆Long wallet◆

A long wallet that can securely store and manage money, cards, and other financial items.

From high-quality long wallets that can only be found at a leather atelier made with carefully selected leather and leather craftsmen,

Introducing 3 recommended types!

(★Click here for all long wallet items★)

[Flap long wallet]

A classic and popular wallet that is compact among long wallets.

In addition to being soft and easy to use, it's also great that it can hold passbooks (it can hold several books)! !

This wallet is recommended for those who want to carry all their money, such as many cards and passbooks, in one place.

- lineup -

[From left]

[Limited item] Leather flap long wallet / Vaux Swift

[Limited item] Leather flap long wallet / box calf

[Limited item] Leather flap long wallet / buffalo leather

[Limited item] Leather flap long wallet (with crocodile pocket on the back) / Taurillon Clemence

[Service item] Leather flap long wallet / crocodile

Leather flap long wallet / color python

[Service item] Leather flap long wallet / Cuir Mash

Leather flap long wallet / Taurillon Clemence

Leather flap long wallet / prism leather

[L-shaped zipper long wallet]

A wallet with an L-shaped zipper that makes it easy to see the contents and take them in and out.

It has many partitions, so this type is convenient for those who want to separate and manage bills, receipts, tickets, etc.

Another great thing about it is that it's thin and slim despite having plenty of capacity!

- lineup -

[From left]

L-shaped zipper long wallet / Python

L-shaped zipper long wallet / Taurillon Clemence

[Service item] L-shaped zipper long wallet / Chromer

[Slim long wallet]

A slim and easy-to-carry wallet that pursues ultimate thinness despite being a long wallet.

Although it is thin, it is an excellent item with a partition for the banknotes and a gusset for the coins.

This wallet is useful as a sub-wallet for people who are cashless but still want to carry some cash.

It's slim enough to fit into a jacket pocket, so it's also recommended for men who don't carry a bag.

- lineup -

[From left]

Slim long wallet / Cuir Safian

Slim long wallet / Vo Epson

*Limited items and gift items are limited in number.

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