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Micro wallet “Piccolo” smaller than a card will be released in advance at CAMPFIRE!

Micro wallet "Piccolo"

I don't want to carry around too much cash!

I want to keep my wallet small!

For cashless people

We created a micro wallet that exceeds the limits of wallet size !

Pre-orders will be accepted on the crowdfunding site Campfire from 12:00 on 12/23.

Special discount: 25% off for the first 50 people 6,870 yen (tax included)

Super early bird discount: 20% off for the first 100 people 7,320 yen (tax included)

Early bird discount: 15% off for the first 100 people 7,780 yen (tax included)

It's so small compared to an iPhone!

It is about 2 times smaller than a typical bifold wallet.

This micro wallet is perfect for those who are cashless and don't have much cash, but still want to use cash from time to time.

The card is attached to the outside of the wallet by passing it through the belt like this.

Since rubber is used in a part of the belt that is not visible from the outside, you can freely change the number of cards from 1 to 10.

Even if the number of cards is small, it will not slip off, so you can use it with confidence.

Banknotes are stored by folding them in half.

There is a hidden pocket on the back side of the coin pocket where you can insert one key.

Micro Wallet Piccolo - Color Image

Micro Wallet Piccolo - Color Image

You can choose from 4 colors.


Cognac is recommended for those who want to enjoy the changes in leather due to aging.


Micro Wallet Piccolo-Black


Micro Wallet Piccolo-Cobalt


Micro Wallet Piccolo-Chocolate


Micro Wallet Piccolo-Cognac


Size: Width 8.6cm x Height 4.5cm x Thickness 1.5cm

Weight: 25g

For product details and orders, please visit Campfire .