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Introducing the new Campanella handbag size 25!

- Comparing the three sizes of the Campanella series! -

Philosophy's iconic handbag, the Campanella.

This is a masterpiece that combines a classic handbag with Philosophy's taste and the attention to detail of handbag craftsmen.

In addition to the conventional "30 size" and "20 size," the much-requested intermediate size "25 size" has finally been released, making the Campanella handbag even more versatile with three sizes.

So, we compared the size and capacity of the three sizes!



The numbers in the size names, "30", "25", and "20", refer to the width of the bottom of the bag.

The Campanella 30 has a width of 30cm.

In terms of size, the height decreases from 30 to 25 to 20.

In order to create a stylish design, the largest size, 30, has a thinner gusset than the other two sizes, while the 25 and 20 sizes have larger gussets to make up for their lack of height.

Basically, it is a sturdy handbag that is suitable for formal occasions, but it is also designed for everyday use.


Handheld image (model height: 152cm)

The impression you get when you actually hold it in your hand also changes from "stylish" to "slightly casual."

Even if you wear the same clothes, your mood changes.

The 30 size comes in a large capacity, with the 25 size being able to hold a long wallet and the 20 size being for compact wallets such as mini wallets.

[30 sizes]

(Product page here)

It can hold a long wallet, makeup pouch, smartphone, hand towel, sunglasses or glasses, and a 350ml plastic bottle, and has more capacity than it looks, making it a great size for work.

It can be worn with a formal style such as a suit, or you can attach the optional shoulder strap for a more casual look.

[25 sizes]

(Product page here)

The size is perfect to fit a long wallet, key case, pass case, smartphone, and hand towel all together.

If you use a compact wallet such as a mini wallet, you can fit a makeup pouch inside, and it is a size that is easy to use for both formal and daily use. It is a new size that is easy to use in multiple ways.

[20 sizes]

(Product page here)

It's the perfect size to fit everything you need when you go out, including a mini wallet, makeup pouch, smartphone, and hand towel.

It can be worn on the shoulder or on the shoulder, so you can keep both hands free and use it for daily use. It is the perfect size for parties.

A classic handbag is a must-have.

The Campanella series, each piece carefully crafted by Philosophy's handbag craftsmen, is a recommended item that you can enjoy using for a long time.

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