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Sample order for mini wallet “L-shaped zipper handy wallet”

“L-shaped zipper handy wallet” is a mini wallet that is becoming increasingly popular.

We are increasingly receiving orders in a variety of materials and colors, so we would like to introduce some examples of custom-made products.

Vaux Epson/Etoup

Vo Epson mini wallet

Vo Epson mini wallet

I ordered the interior in Cuir Mash/Saxophone blue and the metal fittings in silver.

Etoupe has long been a classic and popular color. The combination with saxophone blue is unusual, but I think it comes together well.

Byzantio/Antique Silver

italian leather mini wallet

italian leather mini wallet

Byzantio is Italian leather with an antique foil finish.

You can also enjoy aging with tanning. It is a unique process that intentionally brings out the unevenness on the entire surface, and as you use it, the black of the base will come out as the foil ages.

The interior is Cuir Saffien's sparkling silver. It has a calm silver color and is a popular material among men.

Prism leather/Aurora pink

Prism leather mini wallet front

Prism leather mini wallet back

Prism leather mini wallet interior

Glittering prism leather. This looks like genuine leather, not synthetic leather. The leather surface is three-dimensional, reflecting light and changing color intricately depending on the viewing angle.

For the interior, we chose Sakura Pink by Cuir Mash.

This is a cute mini wallet that is all pink in color.

Cuir Mash/Royal Blue x Ostrich/Blue Sapphire

Shrink leather and ostrich mini wallet front

Shrink leather and ostrich mini wallet back

Shrink leather and ostrich mini wallet interior

I ordered a combination of 3 types of leather.

(Exterior) Cuir Mash/Royal Blue

(Outer pocket) Ostrich/Blue Sapphire

(Interior) Cuir Safien/Shell Pink

gold hardware

The ostrich pockets are a great accent and give it a luxurious feel.

By using the opposite colors of blue and pink, we have created an impressive bi-color mini wallet.

Since it's a small wallet, I think it would be fun to play around with bright colors.

<L-shaped zipper handy wallet specifications>

・1 bill compartment

・1 zipper coin purse

・Card pocket: 1 inside (stores 5 cards), 1 outside (stores 1 card)



For color orders, please contact us or contact us from our LINE official account .

We will inform you of the materials and colors that can be ordered.