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[Python Wallet Fair] Good luck spring wallet to choose from 7 types x 7 colors!

Python Wallet Fair is being held from February 9th (Friday) to February 25th (Sunday)! !

We have 7 types of python leather wallets, including the new model, available in 7 colors, with a wide variety!

All wallets ordered will be delivered by [March 15th]!

Python leather is popular these days.

I would like to explain the good luck effects of [March 15th] and [Python Leather] ^^

[March 15, 2024 = Super good luck day! ]

The day when auspicious days coincide, which occur several times a year, is said to be the ``best day for good luck'' and is a good day to start using your wallet.

And March 15, 2024 (Friday) is a super good luck day as Ichiryu Manbai Day and Tensho Day coincide with Tiger Day, an auspicious day!

◆Ichiryu Manbaihi: An auspicious day that has existed in the Japanese calendar since ancient times. It has the meaning of ``a single grain of rice grows ten thousand times more fruitful and becomes a fine ear of rice,'' and it is considered a good day to start anything. It is said that what you start will multiply many times over, and it is a very good day to buy or start using a new wallet.

Tenshobi: The best auspicious day in the Japanese calendar. It is said to be the day when all the gods ascend to heaven and heaven forgives all things, and it is said that everything started on this day will succeed.

Tiger Day: An auspicious day that comes around every 12 days based on the zodiac sign. The tiger's golden stripes are said to be a symbol of financial luck, and the day of the tiger is said to be the day that brings financial luck, as it is the day that brings the most financial luck among the auspicious days.

In this way, the three auspicious days boost your luck and money luck, so March 15th is a great day to start using your wallet!

Furthermore, when you start using your wallet in spring, the phrase ``spring makes your wallet full'' means that your wallet will be full of money, which is good luck.

Philosophii's leather craftsmen will carefully finish your wallet and deliver it to you before the year's best luck day!

[Python leather = effective for good luck and money luck! ]

Python leather is becoming increasingly popular these days.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its ability to increase good luck and financial luck!

Python wallet is one of the most popular wallets among good luck and money luck wallets.

Many of you may have heard that keeping snake skin or shed shells in your wallet will improve your financial luck. . .

Pythons are said to be good for good luck and money in Feng Shui terms, and the reason for this is that snakes have been valued as ``messengers of the gods'' since ancient times.

As you know, python leather is snakeskin.

The sight of a snake growing while shedding its skin is said to lead to "rebirth," making this leather an auspicious sign of prosperity and growth!

Philosophii has a natural colored python reminiscent of the Himalayan crocodile.

Color python with beautiful colors such as soft pink and lavender,

With the gold python that newly appeared in the new year,

When it comes to colors, we have 7 different colors of python leather!

Would you like to receive a python wallet made of good luck leather for the super good luck day?