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A charming python made of exotic leather

The python leather series has newly joined Philosophy's leather items.
Introducing exotic charm.

Python Leather

python leather


Wear an exotic aura

Because of its distinctive scale pattern and flexibility, python leather is used in luxury bags, wallets, shoes, and other fashion items.
Each python's scale pattern is unique, and no two have the same expression. The unique look of natural leather is attractive.

Benefits of python leather

Do you have the impression that leather products are hard and heavy?
Python leather is a very thin and light leather. Although it looks delicate and delicate, it is durable and can be used for a long time.
The natural texture of the python leather is soft and supple, making you want to pick it up over and over again. You can also enjoy the change in expression over time.

For your first experience with exotic leather

Typical exotic leather materials include crocodile, lizard, and ostrich.
All exotic leathers are rare and expensive materials. Python leather is a material that is relatively easy to obtain among exotic leathers.
Even for those who are not familiar with exotic leather, it is the perfect material as a first exotic. Please pick it up and experience the charm of exotic leather.

L-shaped zipper handy wallet

Small, light, easy to use
This is a compact wallet that was made to be as compact and thin as possible without sacrificing usability. It is called a 2.5-fold in Philosophii, which is between a 3-fold and a 2-fold.


L-shaped zipper minimal wallet

A mini wallet that fits in one hand.It is an easy-to-use L-shaped zipper type mini wallet.
It is large enough to accommodate cards and has enough capacity.
There are one card pocket in the front and one in the back. You can store multiple cards at once. Bills are stored by folding them in half.


Medium wallet《Louis M》

Made with real python (genuine leather) for a luxurious feel.
While taking advantage of the python's unique exotic pattern, it has a gentle brown coloring with shades reminiscent of the Himalayan crocodile, making it a recommended color that is easy to adopt even for those who are new to python.


Campanella 20 Python

Campanella 20, a formal bag that can be used casually, is now available in python leather!
Made with real python (genuine leather) for a luxurious feel.
This mini bag is easy to match with any fashion, making use of the exotic pattern unique to python, and with a gentle brown coloring reminiscent of Himalayan crocodile.